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we helped reposition KacePack from a cannabis packaging company to an established consciously, creative packaging brand driven by sustainability & innovation

The co-founders of KacePack™, Doug Irwin and Tom Allen, are fourth generation toy makers. In 2014, Doug built toys, packaged in thoughtfully designed boxes, for Warner Bros. and Electronic Arts (EA). By 2017, they began partnering with cannabis brands and sold their first million flower jars by 2018. In 2021, we were approached by KacePack™ to help reshape their brand identity. The company wanted to elevate their brand from a cannabis packaging supplier to a conscious packaging brand offering freshness redefining, compliant products.

brand values

We refreshed the brand guidelines, defined the brand's values & product's value props supported by visual elements, produced brand photography and determined the brand's core messaging.

KacePack™ Future Generations Initiative

We learned the complexities of sustainability in the packaging industry and helped KacePack™ to define the language around their approach to sustainability, KacePack™ Future Generations Intiative. We produced several blogs on topics including the cannabis industry, supply chain and sustainability between 2021-22.

"We engaged Michelle because we wanted to transform our website from its original simplified form to something more in-depth, something that spoke to our brand values and engaged our audience - she delivered."

— Tom Allen, President of KacePack™


We produced blog content, set-up & managed social media and e-mail marketing campaigns between 2021-22.

KacePack Future Generations Initiative | Q1 2022

Glaciers have shrunk, sea levels have risen, the oceans are warming, extreme weather conditions are increasing in frequency and intensity. Climate change is worsening and like many,we have grown increasingly conscious of our responsibility to protect our planet as business owners and global citizens. We must take action now and #InvestInOurPlanet

Are bioplastics better for the environment?

Only 9% of all plastic waste ever produced has been recycled. About 12% has been incinerated, while the rest — 79% — has accumulated in landfills, dumps, or the natural environment.

With such eco-anxiety-inducing statistics, it’s no wonder that brands and consumers alike are actively looking for alternatives to petroleum-based plastics. A collective awakening has spurred consumers to demand less plastic waste for the sake of our oceans.

Combatting supply chain delays for cannabis brands

You’ve got your design, selected your materials, tested and approved for local compliance and you’re ready to get your cannabis packaging into production. But - today’s global supply chain is presenting new challenges. With over 10 years of experience in packaging, we had (nearly) seen it all until the global pandemic introduced new complexities.

Sundae School launches playfully designed cannabis products with KacePack

Starting out as a contemporary Korean-inspired streetwear brand,Sundae Schoollaunched onto the fashion scene in 2017. Sundae School’s unique aesthetic illustrates narratives that contextualize and de-stigmatize cannabis while exploring identity through design. A sartorial tribute to cannabis culture, the fashion debut spurred a cult following of dedicated fans.