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a business born to empower parents to choose better for their kids and do better for the planet, we helped launch the online cloth diaper & kids' underwear brand

At the height of the global pandemic, we were approached by Just Peachy to help develop their brand identity, packaging & messaging. In 2021, we launched with the world's first patented, pull-up cloth diaper. Shortly after in 2022, we transitioned the brand into a sustainable baby & kids' brand with the expansion into new categories.

brand identity

After deep diving into the brand's raison d'être, we created the brand identity including logo, illustration, packaging design and messaging.

built for a global market

After Just Peachy's initial launch into cloth diapers, we designed Just Peachy's website to sell their expanding range of categories to a worldwide audience. We helped produce the copy for their brand story pages including our story, values, materials and partners.

inspiring stories

We have an ongoing partnership with Just Peachy to produce blog content, manage e-mail marketing campaigns and advise on marketing strategy.

underwear to soothe kids' eczema

Just Peachy’s Feel Good underwear is proudly crafted in the softest and finest TENCEL™ Modal, a natural fiber known for its incredibly silky feel. Find out why TENCEL™ Modal clothing is recommended by The National Eczema Association for kids and adults with eczema. 

improving family wellness

We’re easing into the new year with wellness at the forefront. Family wellness begins with you; building healthy daily habits every day to support you and your family’s well being will help promote a healthy lifestyle.

designed for comfort

If your children have sensitive skin or have suffered the discomfort of eczema, you’ll know there’s no price you’d put on making them comfortable. With children of our own, we searched for the softest, silkiest fabrics that would provide comfort all day long. Moisture-wicking and naturally breathable TENCEL™ Micro Modal ensure that little ones will want to wear their underwear in any climate.

sustainable fabrics for baby & kids

Have you noticed unexplained rashes flare up on your baby or kids? Do you find your kids’ clothes smelly after they’ve been sweaty? As parents, we’re overwhelmed with information on how to best support your children’s well-being, and if you’re eco-conscious like us, there’s a growing number of ‘sustainable’ options for your family, from recycled polyester to upcycled clothing to organic fibres. While the choices expand, it’s hard to differentiate what is truly beneficial to your health and the environment, and what may be deemed as ‘greenwashing'.

"Michelle is a master of her craft! She has helped me build our brand’s website and revamp it a couple times over the years. She helped me express our brand identity and executed it beautifully in marketing across multiple channels. It’s so important for your branding and marketing to go hand-in-hand and I’ve found few outside of large, impersonal agencies who can handle it all so well."

— Victoria Chuard, Founder of Just Peachy


Brand Photography: Client own
Brand Identity: good sauce agency
Blog Writing: Michelle Lee